Design capabilities are at the forefront of the Odd Job Shop LLC attributes.  We take pride in our ability and use current technologies to give our customers an experience they are comfortable with.  While using the latest in 3D design and Cam software along with 3D printing capabilities we allow our customers to see and feel their product before making "hard parts".   Giving you confidence and speeding up the design process.  We can work off of your drawings or we can create an idea along side of you.  


With over 18 years of experience in an engineering and testing environment we have the capabilities to look at projects through eyes that understand mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and fluid mechanics.  We have a strong aptitude and background in designing test fixtures for design verification.  Our goal is to help customers with smaller project, (that big shops don't like)  and to use our technologies and background to get them the support they need in both design and manufacturing. 


3D Design (Solidworks)

January 03, 2023

The Odd Job Shop utilizes Solidworks Premium for its 3D design.  We have used many software's and feel it is far Superior over other options.  With over 10 years experience utilizing this powerful tool we can be a strong partner in helping you through your concept and design stage.

Computer Aided Machining (CAM)

February 23, 2023

The Odd Job Shop utilizes Bobcad and Fusion 360 for  computer aided machining software.  We are proficient at taking designs and making them into finished products.  We use technology to program our CNC mills, 3 and 4th Axis, and CNC lathes.  We utilize these technologies and high speed tool paths to keep production costs low for our customers.

3D Pinting

May 28, 2023

3D printing is more than upcoming- it has arrived!  The Odd Job Shop uses 3D Printing for design verification and even production of some parts.  It is a technology that speeds up the whole development process allowing us to do form and fitment test very early and affordably in the design stage.  Many times we will offer this process for free to our customers so that they can verify fitment and functionality before machining fixtures are produced.  What used to take days to have a part in the customers hand can now be done in hours.  Multiple iterations can be done before the part ever see's a cutting bit.

Prototypes- Design to Reality

January 01, 2020

The ability to create designs for our customers would only get them so far.  We are a solutions partner, couple the designs with our full machine and fabrication shop and we bring concepts to reality.  We are extremely diverse in our ability to manufacture prototypes.  We are happy to do small to medium batch production runs.

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