The Odd Job Shop Loves to work with metal.  Fabricating and creating is at the heart of what we do.  Fabricating things from small brackets for a customers product line to  larger outdoor decorative projects allows us to help bring your thoughts to reality.

Decorative/Compliance Metal Work

December 31, 2019

Decorative metal work is one of the more full filling aspect of our business.  Creating something that other people can enjoy for years to come enhances our life.  We really enjoy working with our customers to take an idea that they have and make them come to life.  We have many resources for decorative ideas and sourcing, along with many partners for the important process of coating and finishing the projects.

We can also build and install custom railings for code compliance on commercial buildings.


We have the ability to weld various materials with various processes.  We specialize in tig and mig welding of steel and aluminum.  We can also do others like stainless and cast iron for repair welds.

Mobile Welding

We offer mobile welding service for jobs that are not able to come to us or that are best done on site.  Many decorative projects and repair projects  are more efficiently performed at location.  Our mobile welding station lets us quickly be set up and repairing/welding.  It is self sufficient with, power, air, wire welding, and cutting capabilities. 

General Fabrication

February 23, 2023

We have many fabricating tools to help you get a job completed.  Iron worker, press, press brake, shears, CNC plasma cutter, and dozens of others allow us to overcome challenges.  With numerous metal house accounts we have or can get what our customer needs when it comes to metal supplies.  We are happy to do anything from a full fabricating job to just supplying a piece of metal

CNC Plasma Cutting

May 28, 2023

Our in-house CNC plasma cutting greatly enhances our fabricating efficiency.  Parts that could take hours to make can be done in minutes.  Our plasma cutter helps us with prototyping, fabricating, and especially decorative metal projects.

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