The Odd Job Shop LLC houses a full machine shop.  We utilize both manual and fully programmable CNC equipment to efficiently help our customers.  Our objective is to be a full service shop that can help our customers with everything from their day to day activities to prototyping and manufacturing a finished product.  We admitting are not a specialized shop but rather a very versatile shop that is specialized in the process of taking concepts to reality.  Our vast array of equipment allows us the ability to form even the craziest ideas into reality.


CNC Milling

January 03, 2023

CNC milling is our number one product.  The Odd Job Shop has high speed machining capabilities along with 4 Axis to help us efficiently produce parts and lower our customers cost.  We can machine jobs that help keep your business running like repair and maintenance projects or we can do everything from prototypes to small production jobs.

CNC Turning

February 23, 2023

CNC turning is a product we offer our customer.  Our OKUMA lathe with live tooling is just another way for us to have full machining offering to our customer.

Manual Machining

May 28, 2023

Though technology is nice, sometimes there is no replacement for good old manual machining.  Many repair jobs just need the right equipment to get the job done.  We have milling, turning, grinding, and dozens of other tool option to help your shop or house stay running.  When a replacement part for your tractor, or ATV or anything metal for that matter is not available or just too expensive to replace.  Give us a call, chances are we can help you.

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